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Let us be your guide

Let's face it: Change is inevitable and the future of your company depends on how you respond to it. When it's time to make crucial business decisions, you need a trusted and experienced partner to help you choose a course. Enter Sally White & Associates, Inc. We'll help you reach your destination and enjoy the journey in the process.

When relocations, leadership challenges, group moves or outplacement decisions affect valued employees, rely on Sally White & Associates, Inc. for personalized assistance at every turn. Our global career management services deliver customized support with bottom-line results that will strengthen your recruitment, retention and performance while enhancing your company's reputation. We will help your organization optimize its global talent mobility - your most valuable resource.

Relocation can be an exciting time for employees and their families. And while moving offers opportunities for growth and renewal, relocations are often accompanied by unexpected twists and turns. Having a knowledgeable guide will ensure the experience is enjoyable, not overwhelming.